We have been serving on maritime industry since 2011. Our vision is to increase standarts in maritime industry combining perfect service and minimum cost. Our mission is to increase satisfaction of customers with qualified, ontime, low-costed service.


“Delivery of parcels and spare parts that you need, are carried out by our crew as you request.”


We serve completely as you instruct.


Qualified and Economical service is gladly presented to our valuable customers.

We are very proud of with our high quality services.

We are also pleased with the results of customer satisfaction surveys, and will continue to work towards 100% customer satisfaction for all our global customers.

Our Agency Services

Delivery of Packages or Spare Parts

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Representation at all Turkish Ports

We serve as representative agent at all Turkish ports.

Custom Formalities

We are delivering samples and spares parts that you want to send in transit.

Fresh Water

We can supply fw and delivery of sludge at marmara sea anchorage.

Bonded store at Dardanelles and Bosphorous

During Istanbul and Canakkale transits we supply bonded store. Also we serve for documents, spare parts and samples that you need to send and take back.

Provisions, Technical Equipments

For provision supply we are always supplying fresh, delicious and economical goods.

Bunker and Luboil Supply

We can supply fw and delivery of sludge at marmara sea anchorage.

Sludge, Discharge Operation at Istanbul Roads

We can supply fw and delivery of sludge at marmara sea anchorage.


Our Crewing Services

Helthcare of Crew

We carry out injured and ill crew care and follow duration of cure, sign on and repatriation.

Delivery of Cash to Master

Crew salary and CTM is delivered to your ship safely.

Crew Changes

Crew supply and change process is done at all ports.

Technical Services

Our Services

Flag and Class Consultacy

A fleet consist of 11 ships is under our management, and carries out all flag and class process by itself. We present you consultacy to make the best decision for your ship’s aim.

Expanded Dry Dock Repairs

Our experienced crew has served for more than 50 vessels. At your service around Turkey with competitive quotations.

H&M Surveys

What you need is a qualified condition survey, we are ready to serve above standarts.

Hull, Structural Steel and Pipe Renewal

We are at your service for structural steel and pipe systems, renewal and maintenance with high quality and reasonable prices.

Valve Maintenance

Valve maintenance and supply is supplied in short time.

Steel Grating Panels (galvanized)

We are ready serve construction and supply of steel grating panels.

Spare Parts

All required spare parts are supplied and delivered in transit.

Boiler, Production and Services

We can provide a wide range of services for ship boilers, including:
- Re-tubing on main and auxiliary boilers
- Chemical Cleaning
- Refractory and insulation
- Economizer Repair
- Pressure Tests
- Heating Coils

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We employ; professional, well experienced, skilled & dedicated team. We provide a wide range of services with our experience, and long-term customer satisfaction strategy. Having excellent relations with the authorities to ensure that quick and efficient vessel turnaround, and clients' needs are fully met. Constant connectivity with ship owners / operators & charterers. High quality services delivered always to exceed customer's expectations.

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